Lib Dem FightBack



Lib Dem FightBack - a group of Lib Dems working for a strong Lib Dem voice which can deliver key Liberal Democrat policies and reconnect with 2010 Lib Dem voters .

About Us

All current, past and future Lib Dem supporters are welcome. 

We are a group of free-thinking Lib Dem activists, supporters and voters who are seeking change in the Liberal Democrats.  We want to see:

  • A more democratic Party leadership.
  • A reconnection with the millions of Lib Dem 2010 voters unhappy with the party.
  • A more democratic party
  • A return to the core Lib Dem values and policies as set out in the 2010 Election Manifesto.
  • A strong diverse Liberal Democrat presence in the House of Commons following 2015 with an increase on the current number of MPs

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  • Working together to lobby within the party and the country to promote Liberal values and trigger change.
  • Writing to our MPs to trigger a change in leadership and a reconnection with disaffected 2010 voters.
  • Email us at