In times of electricity bills that are becoming more and more expensive, consumers start looking for alternatives to save on electricity in their daily lives. When carrying out this research, it is almost impossible not to be faced with the possibility of installing photovoltaic panels, either in homes or companies. For further details, go here: How Much Solar Power do I Need for My RV

If, a few years ago, only houses and companies with very high purchasing standards could invest in a photovoltaic panel, the market brings good news. With the increase in sales, prices have fallen and the cost-benefit ratio of solar energy is increasingly advantageous for different types of customers.

With this in mind, we have gathered in this text not only the necessary clarifications for those who are better acquainted with this energy possibility, but also technical knowledge that will help in choosing the best solar energy system. Check out!


Those who adhere to the use of solar energy in a country like Brazil, only have to celebrate. With its extensive and mostly sunny territory, there are countless advantages that make this type of energy more attractive than traditional ones. Here are a few.


The first benefit of installing solar energy that comes to mind is the drop in amounts paid on the electricity bill. In a short time of use it is possible to notice a significant drop in the account. Without a doubt, it is an advantage sought by most consumers.

In fact, purchasing the system requires an initial expense, but it takes only a few years for the consumer to recover the investment - even more in places that have many appliances that consume a lot of energy.

This occurs mainly in the case of businesses and industries, which have a high consumption of air conditioning, engines and powerful appliances, which use a lot of energy. In such cases, you can easily see the excellent rate of return on investment.

When the installment payment period ends, energy expenditure will be much less. The total amount becomes a minimum availability fee from the concessionaire, so you can stay connected to a distributed generation network.

This fee is usually relatively small, depending on each concessionaire. With this in mind, and with a durability of the photovoltaic system, which can run for 25 years, the consumer's profit is guaranteed.


Solar energy is a clean, renewable, silent energy source and its use can help slow global warming. As already mentioned, Brazil has enough extension and amount of solar incision to make it very advantageous.

Those who choose this energy are decreasing the emission of greenhouse gases (released by fossil energy sources) and corroborating for the reduction of social and environmental impacts (arising from the increase of large hydroelectric plants). Thus, collaborating for the sustainability of planet Earth.


A solar power system can last for decades, even reaching the age of 35. It, too, presents rare problems when its conservation conditions are good. The only frequent maintenance required is cleaning with water and mild soap, to improve the absorption of light by the panel.

Another positive point is that the plates do not make noise, do not move or generate odors that can disturb those who frequent the environments in which they are used. In addition, the systems allow the number of plates to be increased in case you need more energy generation, ensuring that the previous ones are used in case of renovations.


Anyone who likes to make good investments will certainly approve the installation of solar energy systems, whether at home or in the company.

With the durability of the system and the increasing value of electricity, the savings generated immediately are greater than the profitability of money when invested in savings, for example. It is an excellent investment with a relatively short rate of return. It is good for the environment and for your savings.