Lib Dem FightBack

The New Yellow Book 

On the 10th anniversary of the publication of the Economic Liberal Bible "The Orange Book"  - We invite social liberals, true liberal democrats, traditional liberals and radicals to submit ideas for an alternative "New Yellow Book" to rival the 10 year old Orange Book and to reflect the achievement of the 1928 Keynesian Yellow Book.  Here are a few of the practical manifesto ideas for 2015

The Yellow Book

A True Liberal Democrat Manifesto for 2015 and beyond

A popular and practical alternative to the Orange Book

A Discussion Document for Libdemfightback - please submit ideas or critiques of the following


·         Scrap HS2 – extend HS1 (subject to local referenda) through low population areas to link UK

·         All new Government cars to hybrid/electric from 2016

·         Block Heathrow runway expansion

·         Increase Stansted & Gatwick (subject to local referenda)

·         Promote further UK Space Agency inconjuction with ESA

·           All Foreign HGV’s to have tachographs


·         Raise minimum wage by over 5 years

·         Roll-out of ultra fast broadband and broadband across UK

·         Pay-off National Debt using UK Wealth bond guarantee

·         Lower VAT

·         End Tax Havens – Jersey, Bahamas, Bermuda, IOM,

·         Tax Land Ownership

·         Tax all companies on their UK revenue profit

·         Network with EU partners to reflate EU economy

·         Introduce a  Capital Levy

·         Ensure that Interest Rate policy is subject to the needs of the whole UK economy rather than a London housing bubble or City speculation.

Social Policy

·         Strengthen and renew the Welfare Society – more spending to those according to need and past contributions. Reduce spending to those receiving universal benefits but not needing them.

Immigration Policy

·         A fast, fair, efficient & compassionate Immigration policy

·         Ensure that Discrimination legislation is enforced and that all job vacancies are advertised in local press and interviews held at jobcentres before jobs can be advertised on the internet or recruitment from EU or overseas.

·         Ensure that Health & Safety legislation is enforced, so that workers are not recruited who cannot read or speak English safety notices.

Energy Policy

·         UK to become Energy independent by 2030

·         Solar Panels on every house & every government building & every business

·         Community Wind-turbines for every village & town.

·         Phase out Nuclear Power & Coal Power

·         Aim to become 100% renewable

·         Block Shale Gas Fracking

·         All government buildings to have LED lighting & motion sensors

Health Policy

·         Double spending on Health Prevention

·         Increase taxes on products & services which cause ill-health

·         Introduce charges for self-inflicted injury & illness

·         Introduction of National Care Service to complement NHS

·         Protect & improve NHS

Foreign Policy

·         Strengthen membership of NATO

·         Strengthen membership of EU

·         Strengthen membership of UNO

·         Promote free trade with countries which are democratic & support full human rights

·         Call for Tony Blair to be impeached by parliament for Iraq War deception

·         End unlimited Veto in UN Security Council

Defence Policy

·         Increase defence spending

·         Increase  Armed force strength

·         Declaration of War subject to full majority in both houses of parliament

·         End  unrestricted mass surveillance by GCHQ

·         End support for unrestricted US drone strike assassinations

·         Support the Hague Court for prosecution of human rights violation by terrorists or governments.

Education Policy

·         Scrap Tuition fees altogether

·         Restore Student Grants

·         Wipe all student debts

·         Strengthen & Improve Comprehensive Education

·         Tax Private Schools

·         Ensure all schools (inc Faith, Free & Academy schools meet National  Education Standard)

·         Abolish OFSTED – replace with local School Standards Agency

·         Abolish SATs

Constitutional Policy

·         More Referenda for local & National Issues

·         Replace Hereditary peers with elected Women Peers to offset Gender political gender balance.

·         Introduce STV for all UK Elections by 2018