Libdemfightback are happy to endorse Tim Farron as the next Lib Dem leader as he voted against and opposed Coalition plans to uncap student tuition fees.In 2015 he gave the party 2/10 for it's political presentation of the coalition. As Party President during the Coalition Tim knows the price the party has paid by it's partnership with the Tories and the divisions and threats the party faces. We support his call for 100,000 members by 2020. He will be successful in reconnecting with past members and voters if he can speak out against the mistakes Nick Clegg made over tuition fees and allowing too close an alliance with Conservatives to develop from the Rose Garden. 


We need to launch an immediate review of ALL post 2010 policies with a view to scrapping all Conservative Coalition Policies - especially the current scheme of HS2 (replace with lower cost/impact Lib Dem HS1 extension), oppose tuition fees, bedroom tax, Conservative Austerity for Austerity's sake (while supporting essential deficit reduction). We need to use HS2 investment into brownfield house building, motorway investment, education and training, fixing potholes, city transit systems and Zero carbon energy.


We need a new brand, forget the talk of Grand Coalitions in government but now be an active catalyst in cross party campaigns. Such as:

  • Change Health & Safety Law to ensure Gas Safe Checks mandatory on all hotels booked by UK tour operators around the world
  • Campaign to see voting age lowered to 16 for EU Referendum in 2017.
  • Work with the Greens,SNP, UKIP and supporters in Labour & Conservatives for AV+
  • Campaign with other parties, Amnesty,Liberty to defend the Human Right Act
  • Offer Free membership for a year for past members from pre-2013 to return to the party
  • Democratise the party - so that never again can one view or group dominate party 
  • Sack advisors like Ryan Coetzee who manifestly led our party to massacre.