Would Charles Kennedy have backed Airstrikes in Syria today? We will never know but If we are serious about defeating ISIS and creating safe conditions for Syrian refugees, then it is time for evidence based policy and some clear thinking.  Despite 6,700 US & Coalition airstrikes with $4 billion spent ISIS continues to destabilise the Middle East. Pressure will be maximum this week on Parliament after decisions by France and Australia to join Airstrikes in Syria. Yet clear analysis by military and political strategists shows that Airpower will not defeat ISIS, just as Aerial Carpet bombing failed in the Vietnam War. Britain wisely stayed out of Vietnam and it should continue to stay out of Syria. Advocates of Airstrikes argue that if Britain and the US had attacked Assad in 2013, then ISIS would not be the threat it is now. The facts point to the counter argument that if Airstrikes were launched in 2013, then the anarchy & Chaos would have seen many collateral deaths and ISIS would be in control of Damascus and more Syrian territory today, perhaps even Lebanon & Jordan. Syria’s President Assad has presided over human rights abuses , attacks on civilians which demand a trial in the International Court, one day. Yet his regime , backed by forces from Russia & Iran is broadly secular and stands between ISIS and the Mediterrean.  If Western powers had continued a policy of détente with Syria abandoned in 2006, then perhaps the Syrian Civil War might have been prevented and hundreds of thousands of deaths  and millions of refugees averted. Declassified documents from organisations such as Wikileaks point to Regime Change agenda which helped to drag Syria to Civil War. No excuses can be made for the butchery of the Assad regime, yet it is clear that the Civil War in Syria will widen, go on for years and only lead to a stronger ISIS enclave. Time for Lib Dems, Labour , SNP, Greens & Plaid Cymru to join Tory rebels to oppose UK Air Strikes and look to widen dialogue with Iran, Russia to see change in Assad’s Regime.  It is clear that no such deal could take place while Assad continues to use Cluster bombs, Scuds & Barrel Bombs against Syria’s civilians. Assad would have to stand down perhaps for a family member committed to reform. Russia & Iran might then join a UN Coalition against ISIS and the soldiers fighting  ISIS could be Syrian, Iraqi, Turkish, Kurdish and Iranian. Those regional powers  threatened by terror & attocity.  To be sure any attack on Assad would drag Syria in more chaos, and airstrikes on ISIS alone not sufficient. Only a broad anti-ISIS coalition could end the Syrian Civil War and extinguish the so-called Caliphate. Only then can the refugees return. Airstrikes in Iraq were requested by the Iraqi government, we should only act in Syria when we have such a request.