Last week saw Liberal Democrats in Yorkshire attending a conference organised by Liberal Democrats which showcased ideas from Yorkshire Liberal Democrat members to challenge the proposed route and scheme for the HS2 Eastern Leg from Birmingham to Leeds.

While our party has been the first to push a viable High Speed scheme linking Scotland and England, the North and London and extending the existing High Speed link to Europe namely High Speed One, the current plans do none of these things. In fact the grossly impactful M18 Eastern Route now proposed threatens to derail the whole future of high speed rail in Yorkshire.

We support a low or Zero impact route, with high connectivity, high economic benefits and lowest possible costs. The current HS2 plans do none of these.

Showcased at the conference - two schemes from Lib Dem members in Yorkshire offer better plans for High Speed Rail than HS2

  • High Speed One X - a proposal for an East of England extension of HS1 to Leeds & Manchester
  • High Speed UK - a Proposal for a UK low impact HS System