Yesterday's general election in the Netherlands shows that Liberalism is slowly turning the tide in the battle with the dark sinister global forces behind the right wing xenophobic populist surge which culminated with Brexit and the near fascist Donald Trump. Today Liberals like Justin Trudeau set an example in Canada which has now been joined by Holland. Meanwhile in Britain, Conservative plans are in disarray, with a huge u-turn on the White Van Man tax broken pledge (NIC) creating an open goal which Jeremy Corbyn couldn't score. In Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has laid down the independence bombshell which will unpick Tory plans on Brexit. Opinion polls show Lib Dems in 3rd place at 13%, 6 points above UKIP. Finally the scandal of how the Conservative Party stole the 2015 General Election by targeting Lib Dem Seats has seen the Conservative Party fined £70,000 by the Electoral Commission. The Conservatives may well face a string of by-elections if allegations of electoral fraud are proved.

We are right to represent the 48% & right to say the 52% sold a pack of lies last year have the right in 2 months time or 2 years time to reject a bad-brexit deal, or worse a crash brexit from no deal. For moderates of all parties who want to see economic stability, continuing political union in the UK the choice is clear : vote Lib Dem.