Following Justin Trudeau's stunning General Election in Canada in October, Liberals in Britain are taking heart that a restoration in the political fortunes for the Liberal Democrat Party is taking shape as the EU Referendum approaches in 2016. Under Tim Farron's leadership we have scored a number of Council byelection successes winning 13 seats and holding 13 seats since May. Recent victories such as Torbay, Inverness and Essex show a UK wide trend towards upsurge with some swings in excess of 30%.

In the Commons we have deterred a ill-judged Airstrike campaign in Syria lobbied for by Cameron and in the Lords the stand against Tax Credits has rightfully derailed a harmful Tory flagship policy. The Oldham Byelection offers a chance for a verdict on the extremism shown by both the Conservatives, Labour & UKIP, but we can expect a xenophobic campaign from the other 3 parties.

 There can be no doubt that if Liberal Democrats reconnect with the 20% 2010 supporters and the wider 50% moderate majority in this country who crave stability & continuity as opposed to extremism then Justin Trudeau's Liberal Victory could too happen down the road in Britain. To make this happen we must build a broad support from Social Liberals, Economic Liberals, Social Democrats, Green Liberals and moderates from other parties. A crucial role for the experience of Coalition Lib Dem ministers like Danny Alexander, Vince Cable, Jo Swinson, NIck Clegg, Ed Davey and others is vital to combat the brutal extreme fantasy politics from UKIP, Labour and the Conservatives. New #Libdemfightback members are vital.
The attack by Conservatives on Civil liberties, Freedom of Information, Privacy, Human Rights is being urged on UKIP and abetted by Labour, the Abstain party who pontificates, pretends & then abstains.

Trudeau's victory shows we ought to have followed Charles Kennedy's vision of a gradually expanding Lib Dem army in the Commons from 50 MPs to 75 to 100. We will have to recover from 8 to 58 to 158 in two elections but with the plate tectonics of the electorate shifting and the potential trans-formative effect of the EU Referendum which may damage all the other parties in a similar way the Scottish Referendum hurt Labour there is all to fight for.

We must aim high for a Liberal Government and remember that the major fault with the 2010-2015 Coalition Government lay not with Liberal Democrat policies but with the Conservative policies. But in our pursuit of power we must build a Liberal House on the bedrock of Liberal principles and avoid the shifting sands of extremist Labour and Tory politics.