The last five years have been difficult for all Liberals and Liberal Democrats. Yet it is clear that the next five years will challenge the very survival of our party and the wider Liberal Movement. Despite the achievement of 80% delivery of our manifesto despite being junior partners in a coalition. The failure to get PR, the failure to avoid the trebling of tuition fees, the defeats have naturally felt worse than the victories. The public are rightfully angry yet such anger should be directed against those who have conspired against democratic voting reforms and forced the Liberal Democrats to cave in over tuition Fees. Remember Labour invented tuition fees and the Conservatives forced them on our party. Labour would have done the same if they stayed in power. Labour is massively over-represented at Westminster and is endangering the UK's survival in a desperate attempt to preserve that over-representation over issues of devolution. The Conservatives and UKIP would wreck the UK and the UK economy by risking an exit from the EU. With the prospect of another hung parliament it is vital for the stability of the UK economy and UK itself that more Liberal Democrats are returned to stop Labour, Tory, UKIP and SNP wreckers who would damage the UK.