Tim Farron's shock resignation yesterday was an unacceptable event in our party's history. After a long and gruelling campaign it is understandable when faced with the resignation of Brian Paddick and a lobby of individuals demanding his resignation, he being an honest and honourable person had had enough. 
The pretext of his Christianity and his handling of intrusive media questions over LGBT issues was the expression of unhappiness with Tim from a number of LGBT Liberal Democrats who never liked having personal christian views they didnt agree with. On balance, it has to be said that he never handled any of the media questions well , but what support did the party PR & media people give to neutralise the issue?
While we could and should have had a debate about the weaknesses of the campaign & perhaps how Middle England & the TV media had failed to significantly warm to Tim, was this delegation the production of ambitious former MPs now eager to seize the crown in a Game of Thrones coup, which mirrors the ousting of Charles Kennedy in 2006 ? 
If so then, then we have been to close to the Conservative Party for too long and some of that nastiness has worn off.  Let it be said that the decline in our party's fortunes started when Charles Kennedy left (although Vince Cable was an effective interim) In 2014 our group Libdemfightback worked hard to ask with others to respectfully ask Nick Clegg to stand down in July 2014 as Party Leader so we could fight the 2015 election with some clear water between us and the Conservatives. Nick (apparently against his own instincts) clung on - persuaded by Tim Farron and Paddy Ashdown to stay. His resignation speech a year later after our party massacre was masterful and moving. 

We had a leadership election, Tim won and the Libdemfightback in the most challenging time for Liberalism, won byelections & council seats. True, we didn't enjoy the Liberal surge of years past but in a polarised and anti-moderate political climate it was a success hard earned.  We all collectively failed to stop Brexit, an EU Referendum was lost & right now every second of our time should be fighting Brexit not jockeying for office.

But it is done, not right & not wise but done. The Party must move on, the least damage would be to invite Party Grandee Vince Cable to be interim leader  now for the rest of the year, while a deputy leadership contest is held where perhaps Jo Swinson or another rising star can excel. Perhaps in time Jo might become party leader next year , but right now the Party needs stability, gravitas, media exposure, business support and wisdom.

This Conservative government of the undead and unworthy needs to be ousted, a Labour government minority first, will follow. No more coalitions, just principles. Two policy suggestions : a graduate tax for higher earners, where the top rate is increased to 50p and non-graduates could apply for exemption.  Student debts for those harmed by the 2010-15 Coalition would be wiped and the debt transferred to the National Debt. A commitment to restore student grants, and ill-thought out schemes like HS2 scrapped.  More money for the NHS, care and mental health. More police, more military spending and tighter safety provisions for Fire and Workplace safety. Most of all : continued campaigning for an end to Brexit. The goal of the party should not be government or dodgy coalitions, but principled opposition building up our MPs to the 63 we held in 2005 as the party of Charles Kennedy. Only then can we think of government. Until then we campaign to influence parliament with the wisdom and strength of our ideas.