In 2017, many of us voted Labour as a tactical vote to stop Theresa May's Hard Brexit attack on democracy and kill her attempt to Crush the Saboteurs. It worked, another Hung Parliament resulted and forced the Conservative Party to depend on the DUP to stay in office. 

The result was to propel the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland to the heart of British Politics, and thereby sabotage Hard Brexit on a unsolveable conundrum, how to avoid a hard border in Ireland and ensuring regulatory convergance in Ireland. 

The DUP position is impossible,and as such is the Conservative Government. The only answer is for the whole UK to stay in the Customs Union and Single Market - the kind of moderate Great British Compromise that Theresa May has rejected out of hand.

The Government must inevitably fall under the weight of it's contradictions, the result being another General Election and ultimately a popular vote to back a Soft Brexit or an End to Brexit. 

At the Local Elections Remainers and the increasing number of voters who have rumbled the lies from Leave will and must back ABTV parties, especially the Liberal Democrats to show Hard Brexiteers like Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May that Jobs and Families matter more than political ideology.