Lets be clear, the Conservatives are desperate to use the tragic death of Syrian Kurdish Refugee Aylan Kurdi to get public approval for airstrikes in Syria against ISIS and probably the Assad Syrian Government forces too. In 2013 Lib Dems ensured that airstrikes in Syria were blocked .  Also too Cameron is refusing to give sanctuary to desperate refugees who have fled Hungary and at Calais but a tiny 4,000 per year selected by Britain from camps in Turkey.  Cameron has already allowed RAF pilots to fly to pilot air strikes for the US in Syria. He has now announced the authorised a drone strike on August 24 against 2 British citizens in Syria who was an ISIS fighter, as an act of self defence.

With hindsight Britain should have lobbied the US to stop funding and encouragement to anti-Assad movements in Syria in 2010 which led to a cycle of violence and suppression which led to the Syrian Civil War.  In 2013 if the UK & US had attacked in Syria, then ISIS might well be in total control of Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.  We rightfully find Assad morally repugnant, guilty of war crimes such as dropping Barrel bombs on Syrian civilians  & probable use of Chemical weapons. Yet Assad is backed by Russia, who have now Russian troops in Syria. Iran also backs Assad & Hezbollah fighters combating ISIS.  Turkey has now started attacking ISIS after terror attacks but has acted in the past as a channel for arms, money and soldiers for ISIS. Turkey has further muddied the waters by attacking Kurdish fighters who are fighting ISIS too.  The Syria Civil War is now creating a wave of refugees in Europe & the involvement of Russia, Iran and NATO poses danger of a Third World War. Israel too borders the region.

Britain should take it’s fair share of Syrian Refugees in EU and treat them as such. Britain should back peace talks in Syria, Kurdish fighters, & a strategic dialogue with Russia & regional powers Iran & Turkey. Less bombs, but  more help for Iraq but promoting security in Syria not mayhem.  We should continue to oppose air strikes in Syria & grand gesture politics, but  also be prepared to look at a helicopter no fly zone in Syrian cities to deter the Assad regime from dropping barrel bombs. This should not be used as a pretext for strikes against Assad’s airbases and missile sites but agreement with Russia is key to peace in Ukraine & Middle East. A Big war in either will not be in the British national interest as it will aid ISIS and make the plight of civilians worse. A role for the UN is overdue and this can only happen with Russia. De-escalation &  a focus on removing the support for ISIS. We should look to the example Charles Kennedy in his leadership on Iraq in 2003.

300,000 people supported a petition calling for more help for Refugees. It is clear however that the Refugee Crisis is being used by Cameron to whip up support against the EU and for Airstrikes in Syria. We must expose and oppose both.