So it’s Tuesday and even if you post your voting papers with a first class stamp it may not arrive on time, so to make double sure those last minute votes for Tim Farron reach – the Electoral Commission by July 15th take it to your Royal Mail post office for Guaranteed Special Delivery to guarantee your vote is counted.  


The campaign has been hard fought and recent polls show that EVERY VOTE is needed. Mark Pack’s polling shows 58% for Tim Farron and 42% for Norman Lamb but the Daily Mirror online poll is even closer 51% to 49%.  Don’t forget that the Clegg-Huhne Leadership election in 2007 was won by a margin of 511 votes but 1,300 votes were left uncounted court in the Christmas Post. A later inspection of those 1,300 votes showed that Chris Huhne actually won the election, but Huhne declined to overturn the result out of party loyalty.

Never the less Tim remains the bookies favourite and lets hope for the future of the party they are right.  Tim has already succeeded in Norman Lamb’s ambition of being a hate figure for the Daily Mail & Tim Farron has secured the approval of the Guardian, The Independent, The London Evening Standard and the New Statesman for our next party leader.

UNITY, Continuing Fightback and a Broad Internal and External Alliance

Whoever Wins will need to do some deep thinking about what makes us successful. Not just relentless hard work talking to real people face to face, but that 90% of it. But also creating a broad balanced, democratic party which involves all wings and groups of the party. The Clegg leadership from 2007 saw the dominance of Orange Book ideas, many useful and ground breaking but at the expense of deep principles. The party did move to the Right and exclude social liberals and left of centre voters. Many left to join the Greens (a 2015 survey of Green members found a staggering 47.5 % voted Lib Dem in 2010) most switched to Labour but must be dismayed that Labour has now signed up to Tory welfare cuts which we blocked in Coalition.

We were still vilified and the self-loathing Labour members feel at this hypocrisy is already a powerful asset in our fightback . So as well as a broad internal coalition which expands our support base to get back old lib dem voters we also need alliances with progressives against the Tories so we can be the effective Opposition while Labour flounders between aping UKIP and copying Tory policy. Human Rights, PR, EVEL (which will put England ahead of Britain) Military adventures &  Europe will offer opportunity to lead the opposition against the Tories. Tim and Norman will seize these together. 

Nick Clegg

Many will know that Libdemfightback campaigned hard in the Summer of 2014 to ask Nick Clegg to stand down so we had a fighting chance in 2015. We applaud his decision post election to resign and look forward to him helping Tim and Norman to take the party forward and agree history will be kinder and he will come back to make a major contribution to broadening our appeal again.