This summer has seen historic events, a close fought but decisive victory for reason and unity in the UK and a closely considered and reluctant intervention in support of Iraq to combat ISIL. These events come with caveats, Scotland has along with the rest of the UK been promised sweeping devolution and home rule. If the devolution Max timetable is not kept to because Labour and Conservative party politics in England then once again independence will rear it's head and this time it will be final. In Iraq and Syria - air strikes must be only a small part of a wider political, military and policing strategy to reduce ISIL's territory, prestige and influence. Careful attention needs to be paid to the unintended consequences of air power - civilian deaths and the need to place the Arab Coalition partners at the head of the decision making. Our role along with France, Denmark, the USA and others is to support Iraq and the Coalition to check the advance of ISIL and then to underpin the land troops of the Kurds, Iraqis and Free Syrians who must defeat ISIL killers. We must not forget that ISIL has benefited from support until recently from some of our friends and covertly perhaps from President Assad of Syria who has (among others ) bought their stolen oil and maintained an unofficial ceasefire with them. UK intervention in Syria at this time is not helpful since it is important to bring forward the Iran and Turkey as regional great powers who should help to provide stability and human rights in the region. It would be tempting for the anti-ISIL international coalition to link Assad with ISIL and attack the Syrian Army as well, however much better would be an Iranian brokered peace which could see Assad leave (however wrong and difficult that will be) and a peaceful United Syria emerge. For Liberal Democrats we opposed the Iraq war in 2003 and most of us have profound misgivings about this intervention, yet doing nothing is not an option and we must ensure that Air Strikes are limited to military targets and vehicles and destruction of key roads/bridges to limit ISIL movement as well as supporting humanitarian crisis. We have been recent and vociferous critics of Nick Clegg in the last few months but wider issues make his leadership no longer in question until after 2015. He must however step carefully to protect Liberal values in a difficult domestic and foreign policy time. It can be noted that Labour's recent woeful denial on the economy and core areas of concern to the public offers opportunity for a revival in Lib Dem fortunes once again.