We have many numerous issues with past conduct by the current Lib Dem leadership under Nick Clegg. We remain firm advocates of a left of centre party which defends core Lib dem values. Nonetheless it is clear that the campaigns in the party for a change of leader this summer has not carried the day and as democrats we need to recognise this. At the same time it is more than apparent that across the political spectrum in Britain and around the world Liberalism and all we believe in - Freedom, Civil Liberties, Fairness and even the rule of law are under a sustained attack from the forces of international fascism. Terrorists, Nationalist politicians, xenophobic groups and organisations are relentlessly attempting to roll back the free society we cherish and the rights long fought for by generations past. We do not intend to let our own internal disagreements provide cover for those who are seeking to destroy Liberalism and Liberal Democracy in Britain and around the world. After many discussions over the last three months and having received assurances, Lib Dem fightback is suspending it's campaign against the leadership until May 2015 and will do all it can to support and defend the wider cause of Liberal Democracy in the UK.