October is posing stark choices for Lib Dems to make the last few months of a Lib Dem Coalition Government count. 

With UKIP now with its first elected MP - it is clear that UKIP will be a potent force at 2015, taking votes from disaffected eurosceptic tories in the south, tactical voting across the UK and disgruntled Labour voters in the North. In Wakefield in my own ward - my 5% who voted for me as a Liberal Democrat represented the votes UKIP needed to wrestle the seat from Labour. If Lib Dems don't stand for council seats in 2015, then many anti-labour votes may fall into UKIP laps. Certainly on one issue UKIP have got it right and the current Lib Dem leadership have it wrong - ie HS2. If Lib Dems scrap HS2 it might help to get back 2010 Lib Dem supporters who have switched to the Greens and UKIP. The money saved could also fund the scrapping of tuition fees.

The Conservatives have done an embarrasing volte face on Airport Screening (which will do little to stop EBOLA coming to the UK) - Lib Dems should advocate - passport bans on Passport holders from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia coming to the UK by air, sea, land or rail. Also any other passport holder (including UK citizens) who have visited these countries in the last 2 months should be refused entry into the UK until they complete quarantine.

No UK intervention in Syria but heavy weapons to the Kurds in Syria to beat ISIS on the ground and US anti-tank airpower to stop looted ISIS armour.

The 2015 General election is looking very crowded with the third party slot being contested in different regions by the SNP, Plaid Cymru, UKIP, Lib Dems and Greens.  All of the above except have a clear USP (unique selling point) for the public for voting for them, save for the Lib Dems. - Being the party of europe, who advocates a strong membership for Britain of the EU is unique but not popular (as the Farrage Debate showed), just offering the best of both worlds ie Strong economy, fair society is a weak appeal compared to hard USPs of our opponents. Being the party of coalition government is a good USP if only you can deliver it, at 6-7% in the polls it's ringing hollow. Ideas on a postcard ?- well time for us to listen to the voters and tell it how it is. HS2 is the pet project of a few Councillors in Birmingham, Sheffield and Leeds a daft waste of money and not wanted by UK voters. Tuition Fees is a tax on learning, blocking entry into university for poorer students. Listen to the people and give them what they want - an end to austerity, rises in wages, compassion & good sense on migration, no to HS2, the defeat of ISIS, reform in europe, low interest rates and high growth, jobs and training for young people, childcare, house building, green energy, free high quality residential care for the elderly.