Nick Clegg MP has written in support of the July 7 Recommendation of the Higgins Report to move the HS2 Station in Sheffield from Meadowhall to Sheffield City Centre. Clearly train connections work better linking City Centres together with existing rail connections. Sheffield residents have seen Sheffield council spent £190,000 to lobby for a move from Meadowhall. This new recommendation delivers a substandard HS2 service to Sheffield. Only 2 trains an hour to London, make this a branch line & a Heath-Robinson scheme for connectivity between Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester. 
What is inexplicable is that High Speed alternatives such as the Sheffield-Manchester-Leeds route from High Speed UK has been ignored by Liberal Democrats (with the exception of Greg Mulholland MP) which offer a High Speed mainline connection for Sheffield Victoria Station to Leeds and Manchester (via a Restored Woodhead sub-Pennine Rail tunnel).

The High Speed UK Route is far superior to the flawed M18/Eastern Route which is longer and costs more. Better journey times & less noise & demolition impacts should interest Sheffield, Leeds and Yorkshire MPs looking to support a HS2 route which would deliver a Northern Powerhouse instead of the rushed and false prospect of the Higgins M18 recommendation which is misleading policymakers at the Department For Transport with false assertions on cost & impacts.  HSUK claim a £20 billion saving on HS2/HS3, with 600m tonnes of CO2 reduction with a smaller land, energy and carbon footprint over existing HS2 plans. The Full HSUK plans can be downloaded here