Jeremy Corbyn's Stunning Victory in the Labour Leadership is a victory for grassroots, non-machine politics. People are crying out for authentic politics which puts people above vested interests. That is why Tim Farron won the Lib Dem leadership in July with a massive margin of support. Many of Corbyn's ideas merit cooperation : Opposition to Airstrikes, Opposition to Fracking, Opposition to HS2, for example. However most of Corbyn's Radical solutions are insane. Leaving NATO, Leaving the EU, Opposition to the Free Market & Business. His choice of Shadow Chancellor will alarm inward investors into the UK and his choice of Shadow Business Secretary will dismay SME and Big Businesses alike.

Liberal Democrats know that Radicalism is important but so too is Moderation. We are a party anchored in the political centre, but with a strong centre-left core. The Broad Church just rejected by Labour.  Social Democrats, Liberals, Moderates, Green Liberals and Radicals. We are now the only moderate Centre Left party which can unite moderate public opinion behind a programme of compassion and credible politics. Moderate Labour supporters can like Social Democrats in the 1980's can join with us to fight for Compassionate and Credible politics, free from ideological zealotry.