With open revolt on the Labour benches, senior MPs calling for Ed Miliband to quit, Milliband as unpopular as Michael Foot and looking like an unloved loser, finally the public is turning on the oh so smug Labour Party. Having engineered the 2008 collapse of the economy, the failure of oversight to the casino economy and the overspending of the public sector Labour is finally coming under the scrutiny of the public and media. The Coalition is now finally getting traction with the argument that Labour lacks an economic plan and strong leadership. Sure Liberal Democrats and Nick Clegg in particular are still not well liked at a National Level but it looks like the incumbency factor is strengthening at a local level and people are now looking at whether UKIP or the SNP should hold the balance of power instead of the Lib Dems. Labour's 35% strategy of coasting into government is now looking more wobbly than Nick Clegg's 37 seat strategy which may now be strengthening after 4 years of public hostility. Business People are also looking at the need for a moderate, pro-business and pro-european voice in the next parliament to counter right wing anti-europe and anti-business labour pressure.