The latest YOU GOV POLL on the 2015 massacre makes interesting reading. Our party has been losing support from Guardian readers since Charles Kennedy left as leader. In 2005 an incredible 41% of Guardian Readers – voted Lib Dem. By 2010 under Nick Clegg’s leadership it had dropped by 4 points to 37% and then crashed by 26 points to 11% in 2015. For a once Liberal Paper – one key objective of our party must be to regain the endorsement of the Guardian. Are any of the candidates asking what policy mix it would take to get such an endorsement.

Perhaps a return to Liberal Keynesian economics and opposition to Austerity. Recantation of the folly of Coalition with the Tories. A return to the Lib Dem policy of opposition to Tuition Fees and determination to defend the NHS and Welfare State (Liberal ideas).   As for the Independent – support fell from 44% to 16% and crash of 28 points.  If our party is to prosper it requires a good hearing from the Broadsheets – so we need to woo back the Times and Financial Times as well. 

Only centre left policies with get Guardian and Independent support combined with a mix of sound centrist pro-small business policies for the Times and FT.  For those who seek a centrist path for the party – the 2015 election shows how such a path led to lost support from  Daily Mail readers (-11%), Express readers (-13%), Telegraph Readers (-10%)  and Sun readers (-14%). It’s all there in black and white.


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