Arron Banks - The Businessman who made the biggest political donation in history and bankrolled the Leave EU Campaign. Recent investigative journalism has found out how he met secretly with Russian Officials including the Russian Ambassador eleven times in the run up to Brexit and after. Thanks to the Russian Ambassador Banks was offered preferential investments by Russian companies in Gold Mines and Diamond Mines. His business partner alleges in Court documents in South Africa that he sought Russian investors in a Diamond Bond. Banks denies taking Russian money or doing business with Russia but has struggled to account for the source of his wealth especially the millions donated to Leave EU which swung the narrow victory for Brexit.

Banks Second Wife,Katya Banks was investigated by Special Branch it was reported in the Times as a suspected Russian Spy in 1998. Banks made fun of his wife's suspected espionage at every occasion,joking of MFI, 007 Number plates and posing with fellow Brexiteers Ashcroft and Wigmore as Spectre Spies.

She came to the UK in 1995 as a Marketing Student at Portsmouth University, she was posing topless on a Portsmouth Beach when she was seen by a 54 year old ex-Merchant Seaman in Portsmouth, Eric Butler.

Ekaterina Paderina was 25 years old, daughter of a Senior Russian Civil Servant from the closed City of Ekaterinberg, who had studied at the Sorbonne in Paris and could fluently speak six languages. She was according to her later husband Butler trained in Self-defence.

 Paderina married Butler for a passport, and then coming under investigation by the immigration authorities for a sham marriage sought the help of local Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock. 
Portsmouth Erstwhile MP Hancock chairman of the Defence Select Committee seems to have become a target to Russian Intelligence. His Young Aide Katia Zuleter was deported under suspicion of espionage. 

Butler claimed to have caught his wife Paderina in a compromising position with Hancock at his house. The marriage broke down, Paderina was charged but not convicted of Actual Bodily Harm for a physical assault against Butler. He did not press charges, but the Times reported his friends claim he was threatened by a local Russian named Trifinov and fled the UK.

Butler divorced Paderina but not before Hancock had secured a visa for her from the Immigration Minister Roche. A Flat in Portsmouth overlooking the Naval Base was obtained from the council for the Young Single mother Paderina-Butler who now gave Butler a son in 2000. Seven Months later Paderina-Butler was at the same London VIP Event (possibly as a Hostess) as Divorced Multi-millionaire Insurance Tycoon Arron Banks, they married in 2001. Despite moving into Bank's Gloucestershire home, Katya Banks continued to hold onto the Flat in Portsmouth until 2008. Arron Banks became a Russo-Phile and visited Russia in 2013, 2014, 2015 and according to the Observer in 2016. He maintains he has no Russian business links. He is however a friend to Russian Ambassador Yakovenko, expelled Russian Spy/Banker Alexander Udod & Kremlin linked head of Alrosa Siman Povarenkin.

He co-owns Conister Bank in the Isle of Man with Billionaire Brexiteer Jim Mellon who has extensive Russian investments. Meanwhile Eric Butler testified in Court against Mike Hancock & backed Banks views over Brexit.

In 2016 Eric Butler posted his support for far right groups supporting Brexit including British Freedom and Knights Templar International along with praise for Vladimir Putin. He may have been a member of Knights Templar International. Many of these Far Right Groups have Russian links and sponsorship pushing fear and hatred of Immigrants.

Arron Banks friend and fundraiser for Nigel Farage was arrested by the FBI and imprisoned for money laundering, had extensive Banking links to Russian Banks like Alfa Bank

Questions also exist about the Far Right links of Neo-Nazi Terrorist who brutally murdered Remain supporting Labour MP Jo Cox during the EU Referendum Campaign.  Arron Banks commissioned a poll during the campaign to see if Cox's Murder had swung opinion against Leave.

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