We stand on the brink of a Brexit and the real possibility of Right Wing Coup. Ultra Conservatives like Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Gove , Liam Fox and others are preparing to strike down the Prime Minister and form the kind of Blukip Coalition we were warning about in May 2015. Those seeking to Leave the European Union have failed to put forward the kind of 650 page prospectus offered by the SNP in 2014. They have lost the economic arguments in a tidal wave of economist, banker and business hostility. Boris Johnson has claimed that EU Membership has not helped exports & that 27 Non-EU Countries have done better in export growth than UK. He is lying with statistics.One of the countries he mentioned, cited in the Civitas Report was Vietnam which outstripped UK's 81% export growth 1993-2011 with a wapping 544%,impressive until you discover Vietnam's tiny 1993 exports, make 2011 figures massive. 19 of those 27 countries are developing countries and had miniscule original trade. Of those Developed economies while some have seen higher export growth, UK remains the single biggest exporter of goods to the EU, outstripping China & US. Some Non-EU European countries like Iceland saw 41% smaller export growth than UK, as did the export powerhouses of Japan & Tiawan. Leave also seem happy to see the value of the Pound in people's pocket slump by 30% and some Leave economists are not worried about the service economy being locked out of the single market or Manufacturing being wiped out or a house price crash. 
The cunning plan of Leave promising an Economic plan but not providing one, is that lacking hard data to analyse, experts like the IMF,IFS,Treasury,BOE, CBI had to make projections which have been rubbished as Project Fear scaremongering. Still Remain have won the economic arguments, in a possible pyrrhic victory.

Yet Leave's real "Trump" card is Immigration. Since they played it last week, Leave has seen a rise in support. This could be Remain's Achilles heal as while Immigration benefits all overall by filling worker skill gaps, tax income, economic growth and productivity, some low killed & vulnerable workers do lose. Data shows that EU Immigration is for work, not benefits. Either European Graduates or low skilled workers provide a vital job in NHS, Agriculture, Engineering,Tech, Food, Construction & Hospitality industries. Yet not all win. But why has Industry hired some 1.9 million EU workers in preference to British graduates, unemployed & workers? The Answer is threefold. EU workers are better skilled, harder workers & are willing to do dirty & dangerous jobs for less pay. Conservative Governments have watered down Safety,discrimination & fair pay regulations, and cut back on enforcement & prosecutions.
In the NHS EU & Non-EU Doctors were working without vital English Language skills, and following public & BMA concerns 1,000 doctors were replaced.

Not only rogue employers have given preference to EU workers. Finally there have been regulation changes to ensure jobs are advertised by agencies & employers locally as well as in EU countries such as Poland. 
Business wants to stay in the EU & especially the Single Market by a ratio of 8:1 for big business 2:1 for Small Business. Leave claim to be able to fix Immigration but actually want to increase the 200,000 Non-EU immigrants by an Australian Points System. Despite Leave's false claims Governments cannot control who is being offered employment contracts.Business decides who it wants to recuit. Business  can by creating a level playing field for British Workers, not discriminating in favour of EU workers, under paying or avoiding safety rules.

Industry is alarmed that access to the Single Market is about to be lost, which will lead to redundancies,relocation,lost orders and cancelled investment.

A vow from Industry to recruit workers on an fair basis could ensure that more British graduates, apprentices and workers are hired to redress these issues. It is vital for those votes needed for Remain to win.