We lost a vote on June 23, but we won the argument. The Leave campaign won by lying and the Remain Campaign was dominated by half-hearted Remainers like David Cameron & Jeremy Corbyn was set up for failure from the start. Add to that an electoral roll which deliberately excluded 16 & 17 Year olds, Long Term Expats and EU Citizens in a shameful betrayal of 3 groups most affected by Brexit and most in favour of Remaining. The Liberal Democrats are the party of the 48% and must work with Remainers in the Green Party and Remainer refugees from Labour and the Conservatives to take the steps to get Britain to think again about Brexit. Tim Farron is right, only a General Election will overturn the 23 June vote, but we need to remind people that the 14 million who voted to leave, are only 37% of the registered voters and 20% of the people who should have been able to vote. Millions of people didnt feel they could endorse Brexit and 13 million were opposed to it. So we should rally Parliament to block,amend and question. The Brexiteers lied and they had no plan. As the months of chaos and economic recession develop, people will question the practicality of Brexit in it's implementation. The Queues of stranded holidaymakers at Dover show how events in France can impact the UK, in or out, as do the horrific events in Nice and Munich. We are the party of Europe and the 48%, we must rally the cause. Article 50 must be blocked. We must address the real concerns over free movement but in positive engagement such as asking Government and Business what steps can be taken on implementation on discrimination, safety and employment laws to create a level playing field for all. More spending on housing, schools, doctors and hospitals will reduce the fear of immigration on these issues. Cancellation of HS2 in favour of affordable alternatives like Lib Dem member scheme  HS1A or HSUK can free up investment for housing and other transport infrastructure that actually works.