So tommorrow its either the Rebel Alliance or the Norm troopers. Who will win? Then the time will have come to move on, and the media also is interested in other things.  We need to get over ourselves. We have spent the last two months in naval gazing and leadership contest, and unlike Labour who can look forwards to another two months of self inflicted hell we can move on.  Obviously we have everything crossed that Tim Farron wins tomorrow. But regardless of who becomes leader, the fightback continues. Already we have some important minor victories, council seats in Tory heartlands, Tory defeats in the Commons over Human Rights, Fox hunting, EVEL.  The Massive Labour own-goal by Harriet Harman this week over  agreeing to Tory Tax Credits cuts is a massive opportunity. There is clear evidence also that people are finally realising their blunder in re-electing a coalition government without the Lib Dems, for they voted Tory out of fear of the SNP.


We must, must, must avoid the temptation in the long term to bash the Labour, Greens and SNP with negative campaigning just because we want our voters back and what they said about us and did to us in the past. There is and must be a bigger picture. True the SNP is at a high-watermark and can only go down. But they have proved themselves Brilliant in the Commons and are more of an opposition than Labour. We must offer principled and positive opposition to the Tories working with all parties on an issue by issue basis to hobble a weak, almost minority Tory government which is seeking to take advantage of a populist mood and disunity on opposition benches to push through a roll back of the Welfare State and NHS. Expect this summer an attempt to get a stealth involvement in Syria without parliamentary consent.  Trouble in the Eurozone and the Global Refugee Crisis is going to provide further fodder for the right wing press. We need to be providing principled opposition to xenophobia and anti-Europeanism. Small business and Industry groups are looking for us to provide a strong lead on staying in Europe, we must get our act together. But of course we must return to Liberal Democratic policies  pre-coalition. 


All the Coalition policies, including commitments to Fracking, Nuclear Power, HS2, Bedroom Tax and Tuition Fees must go on a bonfire of Tory Policy. In their place a principled commitment to renewables – Wind, Tidal & Solar, a low cost Green High Speed Alternative,  Fair Benefits & Free Higher Education must be restored.


The most important thing is that we draw on both wings of the party, in all regions to restore our position as the party of UK moderate progressives  - with a home to Social Democrats, Social Liberals, Orange Book Liberals, Green Liberals and Moderate Progressives to build that broad alliance of past years. We should encourage dual membership of people with other parties such as the Greens, Cooperative Party, Trade Unions and Charities  so that in time people look to us as a home.