What an election for Liberal Democrats, a squeeze in Lib Dem votes with millions of our supporters deciding the vote tactically to stop the expected Conservative landslide & back Labour to block a Hard Brexit. It worked, and unexpectedly a hung parliament resulted. While it cannot be denied, that we have not yet reconnected to disaffected 2010 voters, the Libdemfightback has seen a stealth destruction of Theresa May's mandate and authority. Despite the attempt of the Dead Woman walking to forge a zombie government, the young 18-35 Remain voters now demand attention from both main parties, Labour now 64% dependent on them, and the Conservatives recognising the danger of another general election for Conservative prospects. 

It all adds up to a modest but powerful victory for Lib Dems despite the patchy result. Tim Farron held the party banner in a difficult election. 

Increasingly as prices rise, growth slows, confidence slumps - all the result of Brexit, voters turn against the lies told last year. The conservatives now attempt a softish brexit with cross party cooperation, yet a hard brexit or soft brexit is now undeliverable for either party. Brexit is dying and even if  article 50 talks take place it will run into the sand. The economy is now key and Brexit cannot survive another 6 months of failure. 

There is still a need for the party to reconnect with 2010 voters and the 18-25 age group by finally reversing the 2010 fiasco over tuition fees. We also need to show that we entered government for the good of the UK unlike the sectional interests of the DUP.