In the aftermath of the shocking ISIS attacks that have killed 127 people in Paris, it is now time for Britain to show a strong signal to the world, our allies France, NATO and the USA and fellow combatants against ISIS , Russia and Iran that Britain will oppose and defeat this vile mass murder and the ideology which under pins it.

Up to now we Liberal Democrats at Libdemfightback have while supporting legal Airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq , since September have  questioned the legality, utility & military safety of airstrikes in the complex maelstrom of Syria. We were right to do so especially in the absence of a Syria Peace Plan but such legitimate concerns must now be secondary to a clear and present danger to UK National Security.

After Paris, ISIS has declared war on Europe and Britain should respond with Airstrikes in support of our long standing NATO ally France. We have also questioned the motives and effect of the Internet Privacy Bill on civil liberty and privacy. We still have such concerns but now we should give qualified support for necessary intrusion with judicial oversight & annual renewal vote in the commons . In times of peace such things are illiberal but we clearly are now in a prolonged war against Islamic State. It is not a war of our choosing but will be a war which requires International cooperation and domestic unity.

At an international level cooperation with Russia, Iran, France, Australia, USA, Turkey is needed to combat ISIS funding,recruitment,arms supplies, training, propaganda & IS assets.  At domestic level steps could be taken to ensure Twitter, Facebook, Youtube are not providing a platform for IS propaganda.

Similarly steps should be taken against ISPs which host ISIS webpages. Most important is a requirement to reverse planned damaging funding cuts to the Police & Armed Forces In Local Government & Education Dept funding cuts must be reversed to stop radicalisation. At a European level, Police Cooperation and Border control is needed to stop terrorists planning attacks in one country and then staging attacks over a border & gun control in countries such as Belgium. We must work to remind citizens that freedom of religion & expression is a cornerstone of our country but this is not a license to preach hatred of any kind. We need to increase our compassion for refugees fleeing ISIS while ensuring terrorists are using this as a vehicle to enter the UK. Clearly cross border checks are necessary and UK was right to opt out of Schengen & seek reforms to EU proceedures.