As millions of cinema goers view The Darkest Hour - a concerted attempt to conscript our national hero Winston Churchill is once again attempted by Conservative Brexiteers. Conservative Home carried this attempt

They neglect to say that Winston Churchill supported not just Britain being in the heart of Europe but the creation of United States of Europe with Britain leading the way. Winston Churchill was for a key part of his political life a Liberal MP from 1904 to 1924, a free trader and a Francophile. He even suggested in June 1940 at the Fall of France Union of France and Britain. 

For many Brexiteers - Britain's isolation in 1940 is our finest hour - yet for Churchill it was a defeat he would turn into victory. He sought allies and continued support for our defeated European Allies by offering sanctuary for exiled governments, troops and refugees in Britain. 

The Dark Secret no Conservative Brexiteer likes to admit is that the Conservative Party was crammed with defeatists, appeasers and ultra right wingers who supported Appeaser Neville Chamberlain and support for Churchill was limited to tiny group of Conservative MPs who backed him. In 1940 they wanted Chamberlain, failing that Halifax but anybody but Churchill who only became Prime Minister because he gained the approval of Labour and Liberal MPs and because Halifax chose not to stand against him. Even George VI wanted Halifax. 

This Group of Conservatives wanted to protect the British Empire by cutting a deal with Hitler and deserting our European allies and democracies like France, Belgium and Czechoslovakia in Europe. Isolationism that is driving Brexit. 

During the Referendum campaign, Brexiteers tried to falsify Churchill quotes to show he backed Brexit. As Brexit approaches this is our Darkest Hour and our Finest Hour, as the tide is turning in public opinion as the Isolationists agenda is being revealed. 

Theresa May and Neville Chamberlain are the same person - grey politicians who hide their intentions. Labour needs an Attlee who will speak for England against the coming storm.