The Electoral Commission carried out an investigation into Leave.EU and fined the Campaign Group £70,000 for Breaking Electoral Law during the 2016 EU Referendum for seriously overspending it's £700,000 cap by over £77,000 and possibly considerably more.

This was the MAXIMUM fine allowed for FOUR offences.

The Companies House Return Accounts for Better for the Country Limited which provided services for Leave.EU included information that in 2016 to the tune of £12,392,298, with a further £611,184 in 2017 after the EU Referendum.

Surely this expenditure by Leave EU for services - the value of IT provision, facilities, employees time carried out by Arron Banks Companies should have been reported and declared to the Electoral Commission.

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In November 2017 The Electoral Commission announced an investigation into donations to Leave EU from Better for the Country Ltd

In the May 2018 Electoral Commission Statement - the £12m spending is not mentioned.

If we put £12 million of expenditure on services in perspective this is nearly double the permitted combined EU Referendum Campaign Spends by Vote Leave and Britain Stronger in Europe Official Campaigns, and is the same amount as the entire Labour Party Election Spend at the 2010 General Election.

Given that the winning margin for Leave was just 1.9 %, a £12 million overspend by Leave EU in conjunction with Better for the Country Limited would completely drive a coach and horses through Election Laws and would taint the entire Referendum result. Yet it appears this huge overspend has not been investigated by the Electoral Commission since 2016.

Given Better for the Country Limited filed accounts for 2016/7 on March 6th 2018 with Companies House , this evidence may not have been available during the 2017 Investigation.