A shocking attempt is underway by Leave Academics to rewrite British History and misappropriate the Second World War for the Brexit Cause. During the EU Referendum, an attempt was made unsuccessfully to claim Sir Winston Churchill was an opponent of British membership of the EEC. Quotes were taken and engineered to create the false impression that the proposer of the United States of Europe, Founder of the European Movement would have supported Brexit. Now Brexiteer academics are likening Remainers with those who supported appeasing Hitler and the European Union with Nazi Germany.

In fact as Guy Verhofstadt rightly says Churchill would have voted Remain, and as Lord Malloch-Brown states Brexit is more akin to the Isolationists and Right Wing Appeasers who wanted to Leave Europe to Hitler in the 1930's by negotiation. Britain's standing alone in 1940 was a failure to stand by other European powers such as Czechoslovakia, Austria and France who wanted to stop Hitler from 1933-8. Brexit is a culmination of this isolationist tendency in the Conservative Party (and Labour) . Interesting that Hitler used Referendums to push through his power grab and in 1934, the Peace Ballot which was supported by Jeremy Corbyn's pacifist parents, saw 52% of the electorate in a non-binding referendum vote for Peace and Disarmament at a time when Britain should have been opposing Hitler. This fed the appeasement and isolationist narrative of Baldwin and Chamberlain against Churchill.
There is a whole industry of Leave Professors seeking to misquote Churchill so as to make him seem to support the actions of Donald Trump or the views of Trump's UK friend Nigel Farage. 

Academics who have studied Churchill know him to an ardent European and Francophile as well as an Anglo-American. and a supporter of the British Empire which became the Commonwealth. Churchill saw Britain the centre of these three circles. He saw a strong European economy linked to strong human rights and a strong security alliance . He advocated NATO, a United States of Europe and Council of Europe with Britain playing a active role not only in creation of these bodies but full ongoing participation. 

Churchill saw the collapse of the Victorian Balance of Power system in Europe in 1914 and the collapse of the League of Nations/Locarno Pact/Versailles Settlement of Collective Security in 1939. He knew that a Strong Europe was needed to fend off Russian Aggression and key to this was the commitment of the United States to Europe's Economy and Security.

These are the lessons of history, completely lost on the isolationist, nationalist revisionist Brexit  Fake Historians