One of the biggest challenges facing the party now is going to be need to be relevant to the debates outside of the party and getting airtime as now a minor party. We need to stop demonising other parties just because they attacked us while we were in government.


We ought to welcome the SNP into parliament, the energy they bring from the Referendum and cooperate on issues of principle. Start with their clapping in the commons. Clearly too much clapping can drown out debate but it's perfectly natural and acceptable behaviour in many legislatures and perhaps we might loosen the rules. A second area to work with the SNP will be making Devo-Max and the path to Federal Independence easier and smoother for the Scots. The decision to join in with withholding the Pound from Scotland was a bad one. The SNP agree with us over PR, they oppose tuition fees (as we did and should again), they loath austerity (as we did once and should do again). They agree with us about the HRA,  tolerance, immigration and Europe. It was a massive mistake for Alistair Carmichael to facilitate the Tory SNP Scare.


The Green Party is perhaps our closest party ideologically, we are a Green Party and we should campaign together against the abolition of the Human Rights Act, Nuclear Power, Fracking, HS2 and Tuition Fees and for Europe and PR.


The debate raging in the Labour Party about which direction to take, mirrors our own, and just as they need to find a mix between left and right and pick a leader who like Tony Blair can win, so should we. The great tragedy of 20th Century was the sundering of the left with the split of Liberals and Labour around 1908 to the benefit of the Conservatives. We believe in fairness, democracy, tolerance, human rights but seem stuck in a perpetual tribal sectarian battle with Labour which damages both parties. In 1977, 1997 and 2010 attempts were forge an alliance of the Centre Left which failed and resulted in an era of Thatcherism and it's successors. We must attempt a cease-fire with Labour and fight as allies instead of enemies. 


Just like the demonisation of the SNP, we have joined in with the demonisation of UKIP. Now they have gained their demand for a EU Referendum, something we as a democratic party were unwise to oppose, we should be willing to champion issues that UKIP also support against the Establishment such as PR and opposition to HS2.

Cross-Party Campaign Groups

We must work with Amnesty, Shelter, Liberty,TUC, Hacked off, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth , STOPHS2, 51m, HSAAA and others on cross party campaigns to block Tory cuts and the erosion of rights and liberties.