Among the hurly burly of Greek Debt, Tory Budgets and Leadership election has emerged a silent hero. Alistair Carmichael a Lib Dem battler who in his successful battle for survival revealed an alleged secret comment by Scottish First Minister  Nicola Sturgeon that she preferred a Tory Victory has now redeemed his mistake in spectacular fashion which still under legal threat of recall.  His Bill to challenge the invidious and divisive Conservative plan for English Votes for English Laws (EVEL) has won a historic and spectacular defeat for the Conservative Government by a staggering 291 votes to 2, quasing the Tory idea of a Westminster as an English parliament with no role for Scottish, Welsh or NI MPs.  Today Alistair wrote:  

 "Today the Tory government failed to support their own plans, backing down in the face of defeat. Their attempts to force these plans through without proper debate will undermine Parliament and threaten the Union.

"We are dealing with major constitutional change and this deserves proper scrutiny, not a Tory stitch-up. Leaving us with a two tier system, and two classes of MPs, is a dodgy quick fix that is simply is not good enough.

"We must address the English question, but it is clear, this is not the way to do it. Today’s vote clearly shows the will of the House. The Government must go back to the drawing board and stop stumbling forward with these proposals."

We wrote today about the threat of this to the United Kingdom, but Carmichael’s quiet industry has dealt a body blow to this EVEL idea. Well played Alistair – Hero of Scotland and of Britain too.