August saw one Libdemfightback member visit Calais. Tim Farron's recent visit to Calais in July highlights the human plight of refugees, Migrants and asylum seekers who wish to risk their lives to come to help Britain and seek sanctuary from racism and violence.  

The BBC Songs of Praise visited St Michaels Migrants Church in Calais which inspired Christians and Liberals to redouble our efforts to oppose the Conservatives Xenophobic policy in Calais. These people are inspirational in their basic human desire for a better life.

August has seen a number of solid Libdem council byelection victories and a clear electoral swing towards the party. Members continue to join the party while first signs appear of splits in the Labour Party which will either see left of centre radicals join the Liberal Democrats if Jeremy Corbyn fails to win the Leadership election or Centre-Left moderate social democrats defect if Corbyn does win.

Fracking & HS2
In France Fracking is banned but the impact of High Speed Rail is obvious in terms of noise, environmental damage and impact. In the UK the Conservatives drive ahead with environmentally damaging Fracking and HS2 projects in the teeth of fierce public opposition. Will the Lib Dems be the first mainstream party to abandon HS2 ? With the exception of Liz Kendall all Labour Leader candidates have spoken against HS2, figures now show that £1billion has been spent with any construction and £7 billion of contracts are heading for approval without full parliamentary approval, mainly going to International Companies. Tim Farron has spoken out against Fracking and while supportive of Northern Rail infrastructure has not fully endorsed HS2. 85% of the public now oppose HS2. 

                                                       TGV Track impact across England

Spanish HS Rail Crash 2012

Frack Off  Tories

September will probably bring worstening global economy, more Tory cuts, a old left Labour Leader and a host of opportunities to gang up and defeat the government on Fracking, HS2, cuts, War and other areas. We just need to keep campaigning for #libdemfightback and work with progressives to smash the 12 seat Tory minority.