Brexit is dying and the UK is heading for a crunch point. There is no support in the House of Commons, or in the public for a No Deal Brexit, in the ensuing chaos, rationing, economic shock and national emergency which would follow in 2019. Yet this outcome is being sought by the sinister Right Wing Group ERG which has got hold of the Conservative Party. The Labour Party is under Jeremy Corbyn is planning for a hard brexit and hope they can use a no deal scenario to creep into power, because of the collapse of the May Government.  There are those on the Alt Reich like Farage, Banks, Bannon et al who wish to see a No Deal Brexit. On the Far Left, ex Revolutionary Communists like Spiked Magazine Brendan O'Neill and Clare Fox of the Ideas Institute are enthusastic no dealer hard brexiteers too because they want to see a Dictatorship of the Brexitariat - a  working class state where a form of nationalism and hard socialism rule. Capitalists like Banks want the UK to become an appendix to Trump's America, a sweat shop, tax haven. 
Both groups don't care about the coming hardship for ordinary people and they are well insulated against the coming shock. 

Moderation is thrown to the winds, the NHS, the Welfare State, the tolerant society, human rights, employment rights, food safety, trading standards and health and safety are all under threat, in this free for all. While on the left Corbyn dreams of a socialist utopia unrestrained by the EU.

A compromise of a Soft Brexit - staying in the EU Single Market and Customs Union is desperately sought by Business, but to no avail.

The views of the 16 million remainers are ignored, as well as the views and rights of the 3 million EU Citizens and British Expats and 16-17 Year olds. In all Remainers were always in the majority but only 16 million of the 28 million voted or were allowed to. 

The Tide of Public opinion is turning with now a majority of the North 55% wanting to Remain. But will MP's and the Brexit machine listen? 

Polling shows that 33% would support an Anti-Brexit Party, and over the summer - Anti-Brexit Parties, the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, Remainer Conservatives and Remainer Labour, Plaid Cymru, SNP and Alliance Party in Northern Ireland and Peoples Vote groups must create a viable Alliance of Sanity to storm coming byelections in the same way the SDP-Liberal Alliance broke the mould in 1981. This conference season will see scenes similar to Labour conference fights in 1980 in both Main Parties.  

Meanwhile Russia is stepping up the campaign that has created Brexit and Trump. Evidence that Russia covertly funded both shocks in Britain and the US, can be added to hacking, social media, and other attacks by Putin on our Liberal Democracy. 
The Petitions for a Peoples Vote and a Revoking of Article 50 because of proven Leave Electoral Fraud and illegality continue to gain support with c. 200,000 signatures so far.