10 Years on after 7/7 - Britain remains a determined, vigilant, tolerant and anti-extremist liberal democracy where the values which the 7/7 bombers so hated have triumphed over the forces of extremism. Any study of the British people shows that in the face of attack British people become more resolute and determined to ensure victory. Unlike radicals like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi  and despots like Napoleon and Hitler who came to realise that Britain can only be influenced by the moral force of righteous evidence, rather the bullet or bomb, so fascist terrorists like ISD (Isis-Daesch) claiming a perverted Islamist justification will come to realise that the true cause of Islam will be furthered by a peaceful and constructive dialogue with other faiths and a principled  accommodation with modernity.

Anti-extremism organisations like Quilliam and moderate Muslim faith groups have begun to confront extremist islamists who condone, support and excuse ISD terror and human rights violations. Nelson Mandela once an advocate of terrorism came to reject violence and came to enjoy the ultimate victory for his cause - peace, justice and understanding.