Lib Dems have topped 18% across the UK in the 2017 Local Elections, yet instead of the projected 100 gains made by some pundits, we lost seats. However this 7% swing from 2015 represents a steady fightback which will pick up key seats in Remain areas but faces a tough time from the Conservative/UKIP combination in traditional leave areas. The Tories have adopted a programme which bears striking similarity to the BNP Manifesto of 2005.

We face the most important General Election in our history and there is everything to gain for the party as the voice of the 48% and of the moderate centre left.The 1p NHS tax is a vote winner with 70% of the public.

Theresa May has shown her fragile campaigning style and her election machine might yet serve up a pyhrric victory.. The Labour Party is heading for a protracted civil war - split between a Corbyn Faction and mainstream Labour and is duplicating the fate of the Liberal Party of the 1920's.

If Liberal Democrats can reach near to 20% and make a cluster of net gains, the Party will be a long way to a springboard position in 2022 when Brexit Truth will hit both Labour and the Conservatives hard. Anti-HS2 Lib Dems have enjoyed  substantial wins such as in Aylesbury 

We will need to ensure that we target winnable seats as in 2005 to breakthrough instead of seeing voter gains wasted.