What a week, Tim elected, Labour loses the plot and their last vestiges of credibility and moral authority. The Conservative machine trundles on towards the BBC, HRA, FOI and every part of Liberal Britain.  Some brief points of strategy in the path ahead.


1-      Media – it is clear that the BBC is running so scared of the Tory threat to smash them that they have already turned into the State Broadcasting Corporation. We must defend the BBC as it was. Tim Farron’s election was given little or no coverage and when interviews do take place they are specious – with the honourable exception of the Andrew Marr Show. This isn’t going to change soon, we need to threaten legal action on the BBC to get a change and also use our cabinet heavyweights – Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander, Vince Cable, Ed Davey, Jo Swinson, and others to give a supporting message of the united party supporting the  #libdemfightback. If the public had a problem with Nick in the past they have punished the party and the issue is now settled.  We have a new leader, a return to core liberal principles and Nick Clegg is again a valuable asset to the party who should be used to add credibility.

2-      Parliament – already in the Lords, our peers have teamed up to defeat the government over many key bits of legislation. But with a wafer thin 12 seat majority we must use all the moral authority 2.9m votes gives our 8 MPs to combine to defeat the government in the Commons on vote after vote.  If Labour had got it’s act together over Tax Credits we could have defeated the government over Welfare. There will coming votes where they face back-bench rebellion – particularly HS2 – which is an unaffordable Tory white elephant waiting takedown. The economic case for HS2 is a joke & the party’s commitment to High Speed Rail and Rail has been hijacked.

3-      Council seats – we already are winning council by-elections with 20-50% swings and here is where our armchair bloggers have to get out and deliver focus leaflets and knock on doors. Tim’s call to pick a ward and win it is a rallying cry.

4-      Devolved Elections – lots of opportunities to pick up votes now, UKIP is sliding and Labour will too, and inevitably as the Tories get carried away with their unopposed demolition- the moderate public will turn against them.

5-      Moderate Radicalism – it is not left wing to oppose welfare cuts which take money from the working poor. Something we blocked in government , we must find a new post Keynesian way to have sound fiscal standards yet oppose rampant Austerity.

6-      George Osborne – the new Gordon Brown. Just as Gordon Brown lost the plot over the economy from 2005 waiting to take over from Tony Blair, so too is George Osborne spending all his time planning his move into No.10. His treasury minions are all over Whitehall, and this political chancellor is no longer watching the economy, and beginning to make all the same mistakes Brown made. Just as Brown spent too much, so Osborne is running up the National Debt.  The EU referendum will be damaging to inward investment, and even the US is worried. Osborne is putting politics above economics, growth will be downward from the autumn onwards, Chinese stock markets are flaky and EU growth is stalling. Interest Rates will finally rise, businesses ,first time buyers & homeowners  will suffer – unemployment is sadly again starting to rise. George without Vince and Danny to steady the tiller will be a disaster.

7-      Defence and Foreign Policy – Parliament voted against involvement in Syria  and despite the Tory backdoor attempt to use RAF pilots against parliament’s knowledge we are staying out of Syria. It is clear why, the Tories wanted Lib Dems out of the MOD, but did Cameron tell Alexander or Clegg about this covert war? They clearly mislead parliament on it. Our policy of supporting Iraq’s request for air strikes but refusing airstrikes in Syria  has finally lead to Turkey, the main regional NATO power to finally act against ISIS and it should be hoped that Turkey and Kurdish forces working together should be able to drive ISIS back in Northern Syria. Turkey has ample ground troops to provide those much asked for boots on the ground.  We should also ensure that Britain ups its defence spending to NATO and whilst deterring Russian aggression in Eastern Europe does look at the activities of Far right Nazi activities in the Ukraine.

8-      A party leading the opposition to the Tories, radical yet tempered with moderate credibility. We must develop an alternative narrative to the Tories that is an intelligent yet passionate rejection of the Tory policies of division, isolationism and austerity. We must be right about the issues like Charles Kennedy was over Iraq by looking behind the propaganda and into the detail. There is plenty of common sense in the party and more than enough brains to do it.So a big shoutout for the fightback so far, we need to use all the talent in the party, Orangebook or Yellowbook to rebuild that alternative government.