One of the Principal failings of Liberal Democrat involvement in the Coalition Government of 2010-2015 was the the failure of community minded Liberal Democrats to stand up for the 500,000 people in Rural,Suburban and Urban communities who had been our key supporters in the proposals for a High Speed Rail System. Instead of listening to Rail Industry voices like Rail Engineers HSUK & many others including our own HS1A who had taken a systemic,ecological and community minded approach to how to connect a HIgh Speed Rail System, Liberal Democrats signed off on a Big Government White Elephant project of breathtaking cost and stupidity. For Liberals who believed in the principle of not selling out ordinary people, especially rural communities to Big Money Interests in Big Cities, Big Corporations & Big Government vested interest, this is a sell-out to rival Tuition Fees for it's depth of folly.

On July 7th 2016, Yorkshire awoke to the surprise shock of a new route recommendation which falsely claimed to save £1 billion, and reduce noise,demolition & geological impacts on the Route HS2 Limited had adopted and consulted over in 2013.
It has now emerged now from a FOI Request by a Rotherham citizen that HS2 Limited had no idea about the impact of the new route & these false assertions repeated by Sir David Higgins in his July 7th Report were false. This is a serious matter that the Secretary of State Chris Grayling should demand answers to as local campaigners have estimated the total number of demolitions to be three times (315 versus 105) as high as the original Consulted Route. Equally affected populations within 500 meters of the track is considerably more than the 6,200 people blighted by noise in the original route.

HS2 Limited
Nothing short of action by the Secretary of State or an independent public inquiry into the Technical failure of HS2 Limited Engineers & Officials in the failed community engagement will save Yorkshire & the UK from a £90 billion fiscal train crash which has lost public,business & community support. Even Cities which supposedly backed the HS Route now lobby against ill thought out plans. Time to go back to the drawing board and for Liberal Democrats to realise that HS2 was never Liberal Democrat policy prior to the 2010  Coalition Ageement.  We don not regret to announce that the 2033 Train arriving at Platform 90,000,000,000 has been cancelled.