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Brexit : Leave EU's Secret £12 million overspend ?

September 30, 2018

The Electoral Commission carried out an investigation into Leave.EU and fined the Campaign Group £70,000 for Breaking Electoral Law during the 2016 EU Referendum for seriously overspending it's £700,000 cap by over £77,000 and possibly considerably more.

This was the MAXIMUM fine allowed for FOUR offences.

The Companies House Return Accounts for Better for the Country Limited which provided services for Leave.EU included information that in 2016 to the tune of £12,392,298, with a further £611,184 in 2017 after the EU Referendum.

Surely this expenditure by Leave EU for services - the value of IT provision, facilities, employees time carried out by Arron Banks Companies should have been reported and declared to the Electoral Commission.

Source :

In November 2017 The Electoral Commission announced an investigation into donations to Leave EU from Better for the Country Ltd

In the May 2018 Electoral Commission Statement - the £12m spending is not mentioned.

If we put £12 million of expenditure on services in perspective this is nearly double the permitted combined EU Referendum Campaign Spends by Vote Leave and Britain Stronger in Europe Official Campaigns, and is the same amount as the entire Labour Party Election Spend at the 2010 General Election.

Given that the winning margin for Leave was just 1.9 %, a £12 million overspend by Leave EU in conjunction with Better for the Country Limited would completely drive a coach and horses through Election Laws and would taint the entire Referendum result. Yet it appears this huge overspend has not been investigated by the Electoral Commission since 2016.

Given Better for the Country Limited filed accounts for 2016/7 on March 6th 2018 with Companies House , this evidence may not have been available during the 2017 Investigation.


Investigation : Brexit - The Russian Connection

September 12, 2018
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In Part two of our investigation into the Russian Links of Brexit Funder Arron Banks, we put into the public domain questions raised about Arron Banks  & his Russian Wife Katya, ...
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Investigation : Brexit - The Russian & Far Right Connections

September 4, 2018
Arron Banks - The Businessman who made the biggest political donation in history and bankrolled the Leave EU Campaign. Recent investigative journalism has found out how he met secretly with Russian Officials including the Russian Ambassador eleven times in the run up to Brexit and after. Thanks to the Russian Ambassador Banks was offered preferential investments by Russian companies in Gold Mines and Diamond Mines. His business partner alleges in Court documents in South Africa that he sought...
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A No Deal Brexit, a Hard Brexit and those who back it

July 25, 2018

Brexit is dying and the UK is heading for a crunch point. There is no support in the House of Commons, or in the public for a No Deal Brexit, in the ensuing chaos, rationing, economic shock and national emergency which would follow in 2019. Yet this outcome is being sought by the sinister Right Wing Group ERG which has got hold of the Conservative Party. The Labour Party is under Jeremy Corbyn is planning for a hard brexit and hope they can use a no deal scenario to creep into power, because ...
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Brexit Historians - Rewrite History

May 30, 2018
A shocking attempt is underway by Leave Academics to rewrite British History and misappropriate the Second World War for the Brexit Cause. During the EU Referendum, an attempt was made unsuccessfully to claim Sir Winston Churchill was an opponent of British membership of the EEC. Quotes were taken and engineered to create the false impression that the proposer of the United States of Europe, Founder of the European Movement would have supported Brexit. Now Brexiteer academics are likening Rem...
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Tactical Voting stopped May in 2017, now Remain Voters must desert Labour

May 2, 2018
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The result was to propel the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland to the heart of British Politics, and thereby sabotage Hard Brexit on a unsolveable conundrum, how to avoid a hard border in Ireland and ensuring regulatory conve...
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