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Investigation : Brexit - The Russian Connection

September 12, 2018
It is now widely known that the Trump Victory in the US Presidential Election was as a result of Active Measures from the Russian GRU, who hacked Hilary Clinton's Emails. The Parliamentary Select Committee has made the following remarks in relation to Leave EU, Arron Banks and Russia following testimony to parliament.

In Part two of our investigation into the Russian Links of Brexit Funder Arron Banks, we put into the public domain questions raised about Arron Banks  & his Russian Wife Katya, and her first husband Portsmouth Merchant Seaman, Eric Butler. We believe that the Russian Ambassador Alexander Vladimirovich Yakovenko brought Arron Banks wife into the Brexit Debate by inviting her to attend the infamous 6 hour Brexit meeting at the Russian Embassy on November 6th 2015. She chose not to attend but the invitation highlights her role in the background of events and connections with Russia that saw Banks visit Russia in 2013,2014,2015 and allegedly 2016. Given the invitation came via expelled Intelligence Officer Alexander Udod, this merits many questions. In his book Bad Boys of Brexit - Arron Banks gives this information : 

The Times revealed Emails showing the Email Trail

Banks claims that he did not progress the Russian investment offers in Gold and Diamonds. In the Same way that Leave EU said they did not contract Cambridge Analytica to work for Leave EU, however Brittany Kaiser of CA is reported to have said that she estimated that CA did £40,000 of preparatory work free of charge which was not declared by Leave EU to the Electoral Commission. Banks is a major shareholder in Oakwell Capital which he said investigated the Offers of Investment in Alrosa. Jim Mellon, co-owner of Conister Bank is said to have made investments in Alrosa via his Charlemagne Capital.

 We can now reveal more information on what Eric Butler alleged about his ex-wife, her connection to ex-Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock and how Butler alleged she kept a flat overlooking Portsmouth Naval Base six years after moving in with Arron Banks. 

In 2011 Butler testified in the Hancock Smear trial, when a rival election candidate made false allegations against Hancock. 

Following our investigation on September 4th 2018, highlighting Eric Butler's support for Far Right pro-Russian propaganda in 2016 for Knights Templar International and Lionheart GB - both identified by Anti-Fascist researchers as fronts for Britain First - on September 9th Facebook took all pages of these organisations off their site.

Eric Butler's facebook page makes allegations with regards Mike Hancock's connection to Katya Paderina - especially on the flat at 53 Millgate House, overlooking Portsmouth Naval base. 

In this posting Butler suggests that influence had been brought to bear on preventing Paderina's deportation, and that the flat has signficance. Given that a report in the Times reported friends of Butler allege that he was intimidated into leaving England after his alleged attack from Paderina. He came back to the UK to discover this flat was registered and Paderina is listed in the electoral roll at this address until 2008. 

It is worth noting that in September 2014 Hancock left the Liberal Democrats after a civil action and settlement. It looks certain that he became a target for Russian intelligence.

Paderina's arrival in England in 1995, marrying a British Citizen for a passport and then being imbroiled in the Hancock Spy Scandal mirrors the Anna Chapman Russian Spy Scandal in the same year. Anna Vasil’yevna Kushchyenko daughter of a KGB officer in Zimbabwe came to the UK after meeting a British DJ, she then met the young Alex Chapman at a Docklands Nightclub, married him and is suspected of running a London Spy Ring before she moved to New York and did the same there. Anna Chapman was identified by the FBI and was swapped in a Spy Swap for Sergei Skripal. She was supposedly betrayed by Russian Col. Alexander Poteyev. It is worth noting that her husband Alex Chapman died in mysterious circumstances in 2016, the same year as Poteyvev reportedly died in the USA, and that Skipal was subject to attempted assasination by Officers of the Russian GRU in 2018 using Novichok Nerve Agent in Salisbury.

Given the allegations of Direct support and indirect funding of Brexit from Russia, this matters. Given Special Branch and MI5's concern over Paderina, her connection to an MP being targeted by Russian Intelligence and then the involvement in Brexit - Russia's long term Foreign Policy goal, this all matters. along with influence on the Businessman and business funding of the man who became the Biggest Political Donor in British History.

 As a reminder in 1972, the KGB had an action measure disinformation campaign "Operation English Channel" to prevent UK entry into the EEC.

Next week we will publish more information and questions surrounding Leave EU breaking Electoral Law having been fined £70,000 by the Electoral Commission.

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