Lib Dem FightBack

About Us

Libdemfightback was started in June 2014 by a group of Libdemvoice contributors and party members fed up with the continuing downwards spiral in the party and determined to trigger change. We’re just ordinary folk – activists, party members, councillors , ex-councillors and ex-members. We talk to other groups in the party working behind the scenes for change and many of us are signatories to libdems4change. We started with a dozen members and have grown in size. About 60% of our members are Lib Dem Members with about 30% past members and 10% those looking to join if Clegg stands down. Our members come from the North East, Yorkshire, North West, South West, South of England and across the English Party. We would welcome members from Scotland and Wales in particular.

Past/Future Events

June 2014 - Libdemfightback established

July-August 2014 Summer Campaign for Leadership Election, working with Libdems4change and other groups

October 4-8 2014 - Lib Dem Annual Conference in Glasgow

November 2014 - following the disasterous Rochester Byelection - calls grow for Nick Clegg to consider his position are ignored

May 7 2015 - UK General Election - electoral massacre predicted by libdemfightback results in the loss of 49 MPs (85% of the parliamentary party)

May 8 2015 - Nick Clegg resigns - an action if taken 12 months before would have saved half the parliamentary party.

May 10 2015 Libdem party launches #libdemfightback  - a campaign we support (even if it uses our name!) - 10,000 new members join the Lib Dems. Many ex-liberal democrats rejoin the party after Clegg's departure. 

May 13 2015 - Libdemfightback continues to promote change and membership in the Lib dems using our longstanding Twitter account @libdemfightbac (started in 2012) - We back Tim Farron for next party leader